PPG Quality Control

We have been involved in the UPVC industry since 1975 & developed very strong relationship with the valued Customers through conforming high quality with precision. As a top-class manufacture of UPVC Pipes & Fittings and other products, we are ready for providing best quality products & services to our customers. Customer can be confident that PPG has the full capacity & capability to produce quality products.

By the grace of Allah we are the only organization in Pakistan pipeline manufacturing industry to be having a functional Research and Development Department which is working continuously 24 hours a day under the team of highly skilled, efficient & experienced polymer, chemical, civil and mechanical engineers. PPG is very keen about the adaptation of latest technologies so to empower its research and development department we have signed a memorandum of understanding with Polymer Department of University of Engineering & Technology.

PPG Quality Control Process

Best Quality Material

To ensure high standards, PPG follows a policy of using best quality raw material formulation. This formulation is mixed in Korean Made fully automatic hot & cold turbo mixer with pneumatic & hydraulic control actuation & automatic feeding to the extruders. Thus giving an advantage to produce homogeneous, quality raw material for the production of high standard POPULAR PIPES without any hazards for human life. Popular U-PVC pipes are manufactured under well skilled & trained operators, with supervision of engineers & full technical support from the Pearl Mountain Co. Ltd. Korea utilizing the most modern compounding & extrusion technology.

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