popular-gas-pipes-pipes prevents all sorts of gas leakages and weather effects, Popular Gas pipe is ideal for home application. Our gas pipes s durable, long lasting.

ASTM F – 1281 ASTM F – 1282

PPG has introduced Poly Ethylene Aluminum Poly Ethylene GAS PIPE which is way better than galvanized pipes in terms of durability and advantages. Aluminum welded tube in pipes prevents all sorts of gas leakages and weather effects. Installation of this pipe does not required any kind of machinery.

pap gas pipe features : Strong and Durable With smooth internal surface it provides better flow characteristics Resistant to Corrosion, Rusting


  • Bending is much easier compared to iron pipes without any compromise in strength.
  • Excellent performance in high temperature and high pressure.
  • Fire resistant and anti-corrosive.
  • Aluminum cover prevents all sorts of gas leakage.
  • It is cost effective and carriage is easier because of 90% lesser weight compared with iron pipes.
  • The use of fittings is very low due to its easy cutting and bending ability.
  • Low cost, convenience and time saving when no machinery is used for installation due to compression fitting.
  • Easier to cut and it’s bending ability.
  • Protected by radiation rays and mildew.
  • Life spam is at least 50 years.
  • The thermal conductivity in outer surface is 0.45 w/mtr due to the use of insulator material. Which is comparatively much lower than metal pipe.
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